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Supply and Fit Replacement Filters & Canopy Clean

Typical prices for filters 495X495X45m/m Glav frame and mesh £35.00 contact for details other sizes available

Kitchen Extraction cleaning, Duct cleaning, Grease Removal

Major Clean to TR19 Regulations

Canopy is degreased internally and externally including the filters, filter housings, drip trays, canopy lips, light fittings. The duct cleaning will start with degreasing and inaccessible areas will have access panels fitted to facilitate cleaning. Extract fans will be removed if possible for cleaning and decarbonizing. Take photographs from an initial survey but also as evidence of the Project, both pre and post cleaning. All works are validated with digital photography being taken as a visual of the works.


Canopy cleans as part of service clean from      £299        €380

How often should you clean?

Other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to ignition and of the building and its occupant/users to system fire, hygiene, vermin and mechanical hazards. Typical duct or ventilation cleaning intervals are shown in the table below:

Heavy use               (12 -16 Hours per day) once every     3 monthly

Moderate use         (  6-12  Hours per day)  once every     6 monthly

Light use                 (   2-6    Hours per day) once every    12 monthly

Free Inspection Survey

We can explore the ductwork system with a CCTV crawling camera and produce a visual representation and short written report of the recommendation and observations. The pictures are  recorded onto pen drive/cd.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Improve your scores on the doors.

Our deep cleaning starts at the ceiling and works down to the floor. That way nothing gets missed. Together we will ensure an overall standard of hygiene and cleanliness that will meet the standards of EHO inspectors.